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The City of Prague

The City of Prague has been supporting the company on annual basis, in 2015 it has extended the support by a three-year grant. The 2016 subsidy in the amount of 1.050.000 CZK coupled with a longer-term perspective offered by the city provides us with more solid ground under our feet in planning out future artistic and managerial quests.

The Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture has been one of the company's long-term reliable partners with both its annual grants allocated for the operation of the company as well as its support of the company's international presentation through its foreign department. Most recently, the Ministry has powered 420PEOPLE's tours in Finland and the Netherlands.

Fondation BNP Paribas

A respected mercenary of contemporary dance, the Foundation BNP Paribas has for over 30 years now been accompanying and supporting choreographers in the development of their careers. 420PEOPLE have been most lucky to get on the list in 2009 since when the foundation's support has helped the company grow artistically and administratively alike.



A major part of the Czech Centres’ agenda is to promote Czech arts around the world, the company’s activities being no exception. Lately, the Czech Centres helped power our shows in Finland and the Netherlands.

Arts and Theatre Institute

Arts and Theatre Institute is a major organization offering diverse services in the field of theatre and other genres, contemporary dance included. The Institute regularly offers financial support to the company's professional trips abroad, whether they take the form of tour organization or networking events participation. The company's work is systematically included in the Institute's promotion brochures and publications.

State Fund for Culture

In the past, the Fund has supported a number of the company's projects, among them the creation of Inferno – Variations on Dante and Phrasing the Pain.

Korzo Theatre, Den Haag

The friendship with Korzo Theatre in the Hague has started years ago while Nataša Novotná and Václav Kuneš were still based in the Netherlands: their iconic duet Small Hour premiered at Korzo in 2007, later paving the path of the company's future success in the Czech Republic. In 2011, Korzo co-produced Sacrebleu and REEN, this past April the theatre hosted celebrations of Ann Van den Broek's 15 years celebration and within it our common project with Van den Broek, the piece Phrasing the Pain.


An extensive vide library helps promote the work of the company around the world.

The National Theatre in Prague

The bond with the National Theatre dates back to the time of existence of its independent dramaturgy unit, the New Stage of the National Theatre between 2010 and 2013. The common activities of 420PEOPLE and the National Theatre hasn't ceased ever since, covering the presentation of choreographies co-produced at the venue, May and Mirage. Furthermore, the dance studio ran by 420PEOPLE and the National Theatre has been alive and kicking these past 5 years.

Archa Theatre, Prague, CZ

A prominent Czech scene promoting progressive arts including contemporary dance, Archa has coproduced Wind-up (2012) and Phrasing the Pain (2014).

Experimental Space NoD

Co-producer and presenter of Inferno – Variations on Dante and, hopefully, a 2017 upcoming choreography.


Place for new art in the midst of the Prague market. A home stage of the prominent circus company LaPutyka, Jatka78 have co-produced our most recent pieces Portrait Parlé and Paradiso.

Tanec Praha

The organizer of two major contemporary dance festivals TANEC PRAHA and the Czech Dance Platform and the operator of Ponec theatre, a current stage of Phrasing the Pain.

Vize tance

Vize tance (Dance Vision) is a professional association of experts from the field of dance, movement theatre, circus and related artistic disciplines, including managers, theorists and critics. The association's agenda includes representing the field's interest in negotiations with national and local authorities, co-formulating cultural strategies, lobbying and awareness raising, enhancing the development of the field in the Czech Republic and coordinating expert debate within the community.


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Prague

The Embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands has been a long-time partner of our projects related to the Netherlands arts scene, lately supporting the creation and presentation of Phrasing the Pain.

Laterna Magika

One of the four core companies of the National Theatre in Prague and one to "share" a number of notable dancers with 420PEOPLE.

Dance Career Endowment Fund

The only institution in the Czech Republic to actively support professionals in the field of dance, movement theatre and circus before and within the process of career transition. All dancers face the issues of health and career sustainability and our dancers are no exception. We are happy that we eventually have a resort organization that is ready to help.

Harddecore Gallery

The selling point of our fashion/dance collection as well as a wide range of products from established and upcoming Czech designers. The gallery was founded in 2007 by Josefina Bakošová, a fashion designer who authored our collection of the most comfortable dance and non-dance clothes.


Jo Stromgren Kompani

JSK was founded in 1998 and from its base in Norway it has grown to become one of the most successful independent groups in Scandinavia. Our 2015 collaboration with Jo Stromgren and his colleagues on staging A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong was a most pleasurable one.


A vital organization doing the hard work in the regions. TANEC VALMEZ has to its account 8 editions of a dance festival presenting a quality national and lately also international program. It is thanks to their initiative that we have staged Jo Stromgren's A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong.

Berg Orchersta

Co-producer of M is for, a dance-music project we shall present after a 2 year pause at Jatka78 this coming September.

Opus Osm

420PEOPLE's media partner, Opus Osm is a web platform raising awareness on dance and music with the expat community in Prague.

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