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A dance film by Stein-Roger Bull and Jo Strømgren. This Café, wherever it is in the world, is closed every Monday. There they meet – the meticulous owner Jo, the insecure artist Vaclav, the authoritarian craftsman Gerard and the security seeking sociologist Natasa.



A short film directed by Jakub Jahn, featuring 420PEOPLE - Nataša Novotná and Václav Kuneš. Somewhere between a fashion and dance video, Hamletophelia presents a fashion collection of the designer Marcel Holubec, drawing inspiration from Heiner Müller's postmodern drama Hamletmachine.



When they first met six years ago, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Václav Kuneš recall, the similarities quickly proved to be so much stronger than the differences in their immediate worlds. The shared passion for diversity, not just in dance languages, but in the backgrounds of their dancers and their aspirations; their unflagging desire to provide opportunities for the dancers to enrich and be enriched by the collective experience; and to create an environment that fostered respect and humanity.



Joy that makes us want to sing and dance. Joy that makes us believe we can do it all. Just like Elvis.. Even just that one second, when stars and the whole universe ally is worth living for. Hell and Paradise are not places, they're states of mind. And the state of mind is pretty clear: sing and dance. Just like Elvis did: "A little less conversation, a little more action please."



Made-to-measure for 420PEOPLE by the reputed Ann Van den Broek in autumn 2014, Phrasing the Pain is a piece for 7 dancers based on an original movement phrase - the pain phrase, used by Van den Broek in her duet I SOLO MENT (2008). Movement springing from the feelings of pain and sadness one feels after losing a loved one, a friend, a parent, a child. Stepping on stage, each of the dancers sets on a path of confronting one's inner emotions - from lust to aggression, from euphoria to apathy. Sorrow is an eye-opener, revealing unexpected forms and perspectives. A compelling choreography, transformative force, rhythm and intense emotions.



Coming back somewhere. Or to someone.



Sacrebleu is my surreal vision of a web of diverse powers that on the everyday bumpy road strengthen those who walk alone.


Small Hour

When something happens that changes one’s life forever, does “an hour” remain just one hour? We return in our memories to those moments in many following days, months and years afterwards. For how many hours in total? And how many hours do we spend trying to forget it. In both cases we spent again hours accepting it.



In collaboration with musician and performer Amos Ben-Tal, Kuneš delivers a dynamic piece, contemporary dance full of energy, a torrent of images and action dealing with the theme our memories of the past. The core element is energy and its accumulation and explosion, a constantly repeating pattern. Wind-up is like a mainspring in a clock or a watch, a tiny element setting things and events in motion.



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