„When classic and contemporary dance collide
and new forms emerge.“

In 2018, 420PEOPLE have become one of the partners of the European project CLASH! - “When classic and contemporary dance collide and new forms emerge“. In cooperation with partners from around Europe, the company will focus on the development of methods of effective work with dancers as well as education through creative work, spanning the years 2018–2021. The project is carried out by the following partners: Balletto di Roma (IT), 420PEOPLE (CZ), Art Link Foundation representing Derida Dance Centre (BG), Companhia de Dança de Almada (PT), Polski Teatr Tanca (PL) and Sapienza University of Rome (IT)

Activities of the company in the CLASH! Project are supported by the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture, Prague 7 & Art district Prague 7. We thank all our partners and supporters for their kind support and patronage. The Clash! Project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Grant Agreement n° 2018 – 2032 /001 – 001.

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CLASH! International Festival / 8. - 13. 12. 2020

From the 8th to the 13th of December 2020 - at 6 pm CET - six events entirely dedicated to dance are going to be broadcasted on clashproject.eu every day. Screen dance performances and talks will animate a unique online program produced by the six European partners involved in the project Clash! When Classic and Contemporary Dance Collide and New Forms Emerge co-funded by CreativeEurope Program of the EuropeanUnion.

Follow us! Info: clashproject.eu/festival
Stream: vimeo.com/clashproject

The Program

Day 1 | Audience Development curated by 420PEOPLE.org
Day 2 | Optimal Training for the Contemporary Dancer & Involvement of the Public in Dancer’s Everyday Life curated by Polski Teatr Tańca - Polish Dance Theatre
Day 3 | Hybrid Training for Today’s Dancers & New Training Path Strategies curated by Balletto di Roma
Day 4 | Culture Diplomacy as Tool for Better Achievements Before and After the New Normal curated by Derida Dance Center
Day 5 | Creative Processes curated by Companhia de Dança de Almada
Day 6 | Experience: Lessons Learnt, New Paths and Perspectives curated by Balletto di Roma & Sapienza Università di Roma

The Hybrid in Dance Models, between Classic and Contemporary

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation and the new measurements and international travel and exchange restrictions of that are required by EU and the governments of partnerships, CLASH! Partners decided to change the form of the Festival and the tournee.

CLASH! On stage will be held in a hybrid version – all partners will produce a screendance performance and they will stream online their planned workshops and discussions with audience and professionals. It will be conceived as a path the audience will be put in condition to follow in order to understand how the Festival expresses the results of a research carried by all the partners on the Clash! Between Classic and Contemporary Dance Models.

Stay tuned!

The Hybrid festival will conclude with a premiere of CLASH! Screendance performance online and a discussion with professional from 5 countries. CLASH! On Stage Festival will be scheduled in the beginning of December – from 8 th to the 13 th, in 6 days in as the number of the project partners. Each day will be dedicated to a theme of the project.

Online CLASH! Festival brought to you by 420PEOPLE from Prague will be held on December 8, 2020.

The project CLASH! is primarily designed for the professional community, yet a number of project activities are also accessible to the general public. The project focuses on audience development in dance, which is also going to be the main theme of the upcoming online festival - a 2020 finale of the whole project. 


During the long time of lockdown the partners of the Clash! Project took time to work on development and implementation of online Audience development activities. They used tool from digital marketing and social media strategy to engage more audience from different counties. This measurement was also the foundation of the new form of the “CLASH! On stage” Festival that should adapt to the new conditions of international travel and cultural exchange.

The second partner who worked on audience development activities was 420PEOPLE. They successfully to prepared the exclusive in-person workshop CLASH! for the general public and for all levels of dancers. To mark the project CLASH!, they held the movement workshop for all levels of dancers accompanied by the choreographer Václav Kuneš and by Václav Havelka, the frontman of band “Please the Trees”.


The hour and a half long dance seminar with artistic director of 420PEOPLE Václav Kuneš allowed the company to complete the experience in leading seminars for different target groups and allowed them to evaluate information, principles and knowledge (PES) collected during the CLASH project. They were happy to meet the public in person in the studio and share their knowledge developed during the CLASH project.

420PEOPLE focused on the experience gained during all CLASH seminars and AD activities held in Prague, mainly on these recommendations and comments:

  • Keep and follow already highly evaluated strategy of the workshop content: warm up, somatic techniques, breathing exercises, and more intensive body work on the floor, more cardio exercises, energetic part and final movement combination for connecting all elements.
  • See as more effective to make the various dance techniques fusions.

They connected all these elements and supported the strategy of body awareness even more with live music.

All levels of non-professional dancers took part in the seminar. Many new participants learned about the CLASH seminars thanks to watching Václav Kuneš´s online dance workshops during a coronavirus pandemic situation. 420PEOPLE received a lot of positive feedback, especially on the diversity of dance techniques. For non-professional dancers was easier to connect the movement with live music. Fusion of various dance techniques helped to understand the quality of the movement and deepen the dance research.

Participants feedback:
“I am thankful for the Vaclav & Vaclav workshops, for the fascinating slow-down of time, where the automatic everyday movements become refreshingly new and uncommon. Thanks for the possibility of creating one pulsating organism together!” / “Good and positive energy in studio.” / “Perfect amount of people in the studio. Professional approach to non-professional dancers. “


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