"In Sacrebleu the mystery took over the stage. Together with the dancer Nataša Novotná we appeared in the surreal world full of fantasy in which the beauty and joy altered with something anxious and creepy."
Dance Zone magazine, K. Plicková

"I appreciated mainly the forceful asymmetry of the light in relation to the happening on the stage. The strength of the content and imaginativeness spoke to me." Svanta Grogarn, Swedish light designer Sacrebleu* is my surreal vision of a web of diverse powers that on the everyday bumpy road strengthen those who walk alone.

*sacrebleu/sacredieu, these two expressions seem to have the same etymology. Used in old French as an interjection for disgust, surprise or anger.

Nataša Novotná on Sacrebleu: "... this time, I am trying to transmit my point of view, my (in)experience and my vision to the whole creative team. With curiosity, still respecting the untouchable/pure, I would like to decode my own way of approaching the movement,  the dynamics and the logic of it. To realize what is instinctive about it and what is pure calculation."

The Dutch premiere of Sacrebleu was presented at the CaDance Festival 2011 in The Hague.


Nataša Novotná

Nataša Novotná

Filip Jelínek

Eva Brzáková 

Light design:
Pavla Beranová

18 min.

15 November, 2010


There are no planned performances. 


Technical rider

Sacrebleu was made by 420PEOPLE in cooperation with Korzo Theatre in The Hague and the New Stage of the National Theatre, Prague and financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague.


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