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The dance event of this fall is coming! Buckle up for a brand new piece created by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE and the alt-rock band Please the Trees. THE WATCHER is a production fusing dance, music and film and it will open on September 11 and 12 at the Prague theatre La Fabrika, bound to rock the place and all the watchers…

The piece was produced by 420PEOPLE and the theatre La Fabrika and with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, ČEZ Foundation and the State Cultural Fund and Prague 7. The media partner of the show is TV Nova. Thanks to all our partners, supporters and collaborators. 


Václav Kuneš

Please The Trees

Costume design:
Olo Křížová

Light design:
Jan Mlčoch

Set design:
Hynek Dřízhal

Francesca Amante, Fanny Barrouquère, Veronika Čimborová, Simona Machovičová, Filip Staněk & Please The Trees


27. & 28. 1. 2019 | 19:30
25. & 26. 2. 2019 | 19:30

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La Fabrika


Technical rider

Dedicated to all of us struggling to face the fast-forward pace of our times and the power technology has gained over the essence of the human existence. How come we find it hard to be without mobile signal? How come we lose it over something as simple as a signal issue? Why is it that our only friend in the middle of the night is the nonstop Google and Netflix? THE WATCHER is here to offer a few answers. THE WATCHER knows that nothing compares to the technology that our body is and our lives are threads that make for an endless cosmic carpet of being…


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