8. 2. | 20.00 Phrasing the Pain - 420PEOPLE & Ann Van den Broek, Ponec Theatre

16. 2. | 20.00 Inferno - Variations on Dante, Experimental space NoD

19. 2. | 19.30 A Dance Tribute to ping-pong - 420PEOPLE & Jo Stromgren, Jatka78


8. 3. | Sacrebleu - Nataša Novotná, Small Hour - Václav Kuneš, Wind-up - Václav Kuneš, Hameln, Germany

10. - 11. 3 | Wind-up – Václav Kuneš, 14'20''- Jiří Kylián – Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

26. 3. | Mirage - Václav Kuneš, Belgrade Dance Festival, Belgrade, Serbia


3. 4. | Phrasing the Pain - 420PEOPLE & Ann Van den Broek, 15th Anniversary of Ann Van den Broek's work, Korzo, The Hague

18. 4. | 20.00 Inferno - Variations on Dante, Experimental space NoD

22. 4. | Inferno - Variations on Dante, festival Vamberák, Vamberk

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Upcoming events

Phrasing the Pain at Ponec Theatre

A lot has changed since we opened Phrasing the Pain at the turn of 2014/15. Among other things, Ann Van den Broek has gained yet another Zwaan Award, this time for the Black Piece (hopefully to be soon featured in Prague). As for the company, we are still on with our structured pains and losses. Come and see what progress we have made.
This time at Ponec dance venue with a Q and A session afterwards. Tickets are available online.

A Dance tribute to Ping Pong at theatre Jatka78

Still haven't seen our danced ping pong? A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong is back on at theatre Jatka78 on February 19. Come and see Nataša Novotná in the lead role of a ping pong student, guided and guiding a controversial puppet(master) in a choreography by Jo Strogmren.

Tickets on sale online.

From Serbia to finland. Shall we meet at an upcoming European tour?

From the Balkans to Scandinavia, across the Netherlands and Germany. Our spring tour kicks off in Hameln (DE) with a triple bill - Wind-up, Sacrebleu and Small Hour. Wind-up it is for Helsinki, this time with 14'20''. Beograd shall then see us with an upgraded version of Mirage, one to feature an iconinc Serbian actor Branislav Trifunović. The tour will spike at our friends' at Korzo in the Hague where we shall celebrate Ann Van den Broek's jubilee - 15 years of choreographis creation. And what could possibly be a better gift than Phrasing the Pain