5. 9. | 20.00 May - 420PEOPLE & David Prachař, New Stage of the National Theatre

12. 9. | 19.30 Resonances in Walking Distance - 420PEOPLE & Orchestr BERG, Jatka78

15. 9.  420PEOPLE & Please the Trees, Papírna Pilsen

28. 9. | 19.30 A Dance Tribute to ping-pong - 420PEOPLE & Jo Stromgren, Jatka78


3. 10. | 19.30, Portrait Parlé - Nataša Novotná, Paradiso - Václav Kuneš, Jatka78

24. 10. | 20.00 Phrasing the Pain - 420PEOPLE & Ann Van den Broek, Ponec Theatre

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Upcoming events

Gaga Workshop PRAGUE with Adi Salant of Batsheva Dance Company

Here we go! In cooperation with Gaga Movement Ltd., we are bringing Gaga Workshop Prague - Gaga/dancers and Gaga/people classes to Prague with none other than Adi Salant of Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga, a movement language and a training developed by Ohad Naharin is a hit (not only) in the world of dance and there are reasons for this, its effects being obvious and incontestable. Batsheva dancers are on top of the world dance scene, their strength, mobility and delicacy are just breathtaking.
Don't miss your chance to be part of this as the capacity is definitely limited and register NOW. The capacity for Gaga/people is already full, yet we still accept alternate members in case people sign out.