About 420people

The contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE, named after the Czech country code, was founded by Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná at the turn of the years 2007/2008, after they returned home from one of the most prestigious dance theatres - Jiří Kylián's Nederlands Dans Theater. The tandem’s vision to build their own contemporary dance group in Prague bring the brand 420PEOPLE into being. The company has now been a stable player on the Czech and international theatre and dance scene for 14 years.

420PEOPLE is a fusion of outstanding dance quality, professionalism, sophisticated playfulness and true daringness in presenting a sheer vocabulary of contemporary dance, improvisation as an inherent part of creation and an unorthodox dialogue with the audience in the form of Q and A sessions, workshops and other activities.

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20. & 21. & 22. 5. 2022


Studio MAISELOVKA | 20:00

Don't miss the special music and dance project "JAM SESSIONS" at The Studio Maiselovka. Focus for the interaction of dancers and musicians, in which there is also room for improvisation...


24. & 25. 5. 2022


La Fabrika | 19:30

The dance event THE WATCHER is coming! Buckle up for a brand new piece created by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE and the alt-rock band Please the Trees.


New dance studio opening!


Maiselova 4, Praha 1

The studio, located in Maiselova street in the Old Town, is the first formal venue of the 420PEOPLE dance group. The studio offers a wide range of movement activities for the general public according to a regular schedule, while also providing a space for rehearsals of 420PEOPLE's repertoire.


the new music and dance project by 420PEOPLE and the BERG Orchestra "INspiraCe" 13. & 14. 2. 2022!

The unique symbiosis of Sylva Šafková's choreography and Tomáš Reindl's music underscores the interaction of dancers and musicians, in which there is also room for improvisation. The principles took inspiration from the cult composition In C by the American minimalist Terry Riley, transforming it into an original new composition. Minimalism and repetitiveness are also reflected in the imaginative and orderly scenography of Anna Chrtková.
The project was created based on the exclusive collaboration of the dance ensemble 420PEOPLE, the BERG Orchestra and the Archa Theatre.

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