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PREMIERE heart of noise


PREMIERES ON 21. & 22. SEPTEMBER 2023 | Archa Theatre

The latest dance performance by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE, choreographed by Sylva Šafková, introduces a modern take on futurism in movement, music and set design.


why things go wrong

The premiere of the performance “Why things go wrong”, choreographed by Sylva Šafková and performed by the duo of dancers Michal Heriban and Viktor Konvalinka, was created exclusively for Studio Maiselovka. It raises, through contemporary dance, the unique theme of the (un)moral, ethically challenging nature of human behaviour, which, although often overlooked, seriously affects the lives of everyone around us.


42+people: where

Don’t miss the new project 42+PEOPLE and the premiere of its performance “WHERE”. 42+PEOPLE combines all aspects of contemporary dance with an intergenerational dialogue featuring dancers aged 42+. The pilot performance features the “WHERE” choreography by H. Arenbergerová and V. Kuneš.



"If it could, what would the exhibition stand have told us?" The contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE will perform the show of Václav Kuneš’s latest choreography entitled EVER!, a musical collage for four dancers and six exhibition stands, 7. 10. & 31. 10. 2023, at La Fabrika Theatre. Dancers: Francesca Amy Amante, Veronika Tököly, Michal Toman, Filip Staněk, stage design: Lucia Škandíková, costumes: Olo Křížová, music: Exhausted Modern. ENGLISH FRIENDLY.


INspiraCe - CLOSING NIGHT at archa theatre

The unique symbiosis of Sylva Šafková's choreography and Tomáš Reindl’s music underscores the interaction of dancers and musicians, in which there is also room for improvisation. The principles took inspiration from the cult composition In C by the American minimalist Terry Riley, transforming it into an original new composition. The project was created based on the exclusive collaboration of the dance ensemble 420PEOPLE, the BERG Orchestra and the Archa Theatre. Don´t miss the closing night 25. 10. 2023. ENGLISH FRIENDLY.



Dance show of the 420PEOPLE contemporary dance group and the rock concert of the band Please The Trees is here! The proven cooperation between Václav Kuneš and Václav Havelka brings again an unforgettable experience. The Watcher is coming! Don't miss the upcoming events at La Fabrika Theatre - 10. & 11. 10. 2023! ENGLISH FRIENDLY.



How well do we know K. H. Mácha's legendary poem May? It seems like all of us Czechs are able to recall its first lines. Is that really all? And if so, is that enough? Are we aware of its content, details, its atmosphere and universal character? The company 420PEOPLE present a new piece that goes far beyond their experience in the field of contemporary dance. The New Stage of the National Theatre | 7. & 8. 9. 2023.



The dance film THROUGH GLASS, directed by Marek Partyš and choreographed by Sylva Šafková, combines contemporary dance and a visual story that describes the image of distorted reality: “Reflections, angles of view, distorted reality ... but if you hold it against a mirror, the letters will go again in the right direction."


film ORĪGĪ

The idea for short dance film ORĪGĪ came from the title of an EU project: CLASH! When classic & contemporary dance collide & new forms emerge. Unexpected encounter of three dancers. All of them are very different. Three pairs of shoes. Very different. New people, new situation. Can they adapt? Do they want to adapt? The only thing they have in common is a desire to dance. Is that enough?


the Wasteland

A new production by the creative couple Jan Nebeský & Lucie Trmíková in collaboration with 420PEOPLE. The starring role is played by the text of the same name written by T. S. Eliot, who changed the face poetry and above all showed that combining traditionalism and the avant-garde is not only possible, but also beautiful. 



A time-proven dance-music collaboration of the dance company 420PEOPLE and the band Please the Trees. Highlights of 420PEOPLE’s creations from the past five years. A night of live dance and music presented by top dancers from 420PEOPLE and outstanding alternative rock musicians from Please the Trees with frontman Václav Havelka.



Woman as object, woman as subject, woman as woman. The production is the fruit of the collaboration between the National Theatre Drama company and the first-class Czech dance ensemble 420PEOPLE, who have been permanent guests of the New Stage. Out of the numerous options possible, we have taken the one exploring the "situation of women" over the course of time and in theatre.



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