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How well do we know K. H. Mácha's legendary poem May? It seems like all of us Czechs are able to recall its first lines. Is that really all? And if so, is that enough? Are we aware of its content, details, its atmosphere and universal character? The company 420PEOPLE present a new piece that goes far beyond their experience in the field of contemporary dance. Václav Kuneš, the company's choreographer, got together with the actor, and in this case also director, David Prachař and they have created May, a piece in which they both also perform.


Inspired by:
K. H. Mácha: Máj

Directed and choreographed by:
David Prachař a Václav Kuneš Music: Pavel Fajt, Ondřej Anděra

Richard Maška Lights: Jan Mlčoch

Zuzana Herenyiová, Jan Kačer, Václav Kuneš, Nataša Novotná, Milan Odstrčil, Martin Pošta, David Prachař

19. 3. 2012, New Stage of the National Theatre Production: 420PEOPLE o.s in coproduction with the New Stage of the National Theatre and the Drama Dpt. of the National Theatre.


10. 1. 2019 | 20:00

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