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The contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE, named after the Czech country code, was founded by Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná at the turn of the years 2007/2008, after they returned home from one of the most prestigious dance theatres - Jiří Kylián's Nederlands Dans Theater. The tandem’s vision to build their own contemporary dance group in Prague bring the brand 420PEOPLE into being. The company has now been a stable player on the Czech and international theatre and dance scene for 15 years.

420PEOPLE is a fusion of outstanding dance quality, professionalism, sophisticated playfulness and true daringness in presenting a sheer vocabulary of contemporary dance, improvisation as an inherent part of creation and an unorthodox dialogue with the audience in the form of Q and A sessions, workshops and other activities.

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4. & 5. 3. 2024

HeArt of Noise

Archa Theatre | 20:00

The latest dance performance by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE, choreographed by Sylva Šafková, introduces a modern take on futurism in movement, music and set design. The audience will enjoy the best dancers, a water surface directly on the stage and the live sound of the Futurists’ iconic instrument, the intonarumori.


23. & 24. & 25. 2. 2024


Studio Maiselovka | 19:30

Don’t miss the new project 42+PEOPLE and the premiere of its performance “WHERE”. 42+PEOPLE combines all aspects of contemporary dance with an intergenerational dialogue featuring dancers aged 42+. The pilot performance features the “WHERE” choreography by H. Arenbergerová and V. Kuneš. ENGLISH FRIENDLY

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The Dancing Histories project will bring together 13 institutions in eleven European countries. Over the next few months and years, we will work with our dance partners to educate, train, and share new experiences and insights into contemporary dance, performing arts, art production & management, and more.

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8. & 9. & 12. & 13. & 15. & 16. 12. 2023
Studio Maiselovka

Don’t miss the project 42+PEOPLE and the premiere SOFTER SKILLS. 42+PEOPLE combines all aspects of contemporary dance with an intergenerational dialogue featuring dancers aged 42+. The second performance features the choreography by Edan Gorlicki. Cast: Helena Arenbergerová, Andrea Opavská, Veronika Kornová.

SOFTER SKILLS is an intimate yet powerful performance following the journey of three women, all rich with decades of experience both on and off stage, who vulnerably share perspectives of life through the knowledge and skills they gathered throughout their dance careers. They are performers, teachers, colleagues, mothers, family members and artistic queens in their own right. Live and up close, they bravely expose their perspective of what it means to be a dancer. They proudly show off that age can be just a number and that capabilities of the body can be endless. 

What does dancing teach us? What do we obtain in our core ideologies from dedicating our lives, bodies, time, attention and care to this art form? What do we have to share? And would we do it all over again?



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