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420PEOPLE is a collective of artists who insist on the values of exceptional quality of performance and professionalism. Their pieces are playful and courageous, bringing on stage a wide vocabulary of contemporary dance. Improvisation is a natural part of their creation and so is informal dialogue with the spectator in the form of after-show discussions.

420PEOPLE that is, above all, Václav Kuneš together with his colleagues from diverse art‘s fields they carry out their artistic vision and effort to produce works of the label Made By Czech that are nevertheless proud and integral parts of the international dance scene.

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9. 12. 2018



A new production by the creative couple Jan Nebeský & Lucie Trmíková in collaboration with 420PEOPLE.

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16. 12. 2018

Fairy Queen


What mechanisms operate a loving relationship of two people separated by thousands of kilometres?

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10. 1. 2019


The New Stage of the National Theatre

How well do we know K. H. Mácha's legendary poem May? It seems like all of us Czechs are able to recall its first lines. Is that really all? And if so, is that enough?

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