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The contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE, named after the Czech country code, was founded by Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná at the turn of the years 2007/2008, after they returned home from one of the most prestigious dance theatres - Jiří Kylián's Nederlands Dans Theater. The tandem’s vision to build their own contemporary dance group in Prague bring the brand 420PEOPLE into being. The company has now been a stable player on the Czech and international theatre and dance scene for 15 years.

420PEOPLE is a fusion of outstanding dance quality, professionalism, sophisticated playfulness and true daringness in presenting a sheer vocabulary of contemporary dance, improvisation as an inherent part of creation and an unorthodox dialogue with the audience in the form of Q and A sessions, workshops and other activities.

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13. - 18. 5. 2023


La Fabrika | 17:30

International market of dancers and a networking base Showcase of contemporary dance and physical theatre: 5 companies - 8 choreographers - performances - market of dancers - networking platform. Bread & Dance Prague is organized by 420PEOPLE, BURKICOM, DEKKADANCERS, FARM IN THE CAVE a LENKA VAGNEROVÁ & COMPANY.

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16. 5. 2023


La Fabrika | 17:30

"If it could, what would the exhibition stand have told us?" 420PEOPLE will perform the performance of Václav Kuneš’s latest choreography entitled EVER!, a musical collage for four dancers and six exhibition stands at La Fabrika Theatre. ENGLISH FRIENDLY

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17. & 18. 5. 2023


Archa Theatre

Don't miss the new music and dance project by 420PEOPLE and the BERG Orchestra! The unique symbiosis of Sylva Šafková's choreography and Tomáš Reindl's music underscores the interaction of dancers and musicians, in which there is also room for improvisation. ENGLISH FRIENDLY.

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18. & 21. & 22. 5. 2023


Studio Maiselovka

The performance “Why things go wrong”, choreographed by Sylva Šafková and performed by the duo of dancers Michal Heriban and Viktor Konvalinka, was created exclusively for Studio Maiselovka. It raises, through contemporary dance, the unique theme of the (un)moral, ethically challenging nature of human behaviour, which, although often overlooked, seriously affects the lives of everyone around us.

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BREAD & DANCE PRAGUE 13. – 18. 5. 2023

International market of dancers and a networking base & showcase of contemporary dance and physical theatre

13. – 14. 5. International market of dancers
15. – 18. 5. International networking basecamp

“Fresh baked.“ We are beginning to slowly count down the days until the opening of BREAD & DANCE PRAGUE. Have you chosen from the program yet? We recommend: SHOWCASE (11 performances / 8 choreographers / 6 ensembles / 5 venues). Showcase of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Current performances by 420PEOPLE, BURKICOM, DEKKADANCERS, FARM IN THE CAVE and LENKA VAGNEROVÁ & COMPANY. Guest: Ceren Oran & The Moving Borders (DE/CZ).

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